> Which network does one2one use?

one2one uses the MTN network.

> How and when will I get my SIM?

Your SIM will be delivered by overnight courier to your door FREE of charge.

> What is my SIM connection fee?

Your SIM is connected to the MTN network for FREE.

> How will I receive my airtime/data?

2 – 72 hours after activation of your one2one package you will receive a pro-rata amount of airtime/data. Every month thereafter you will receive your airtime/data on the 6th of the month.

> How much will I pay a month and how do I pay?

The monthly installment due on your one2one package is dependent on the package you choose.  This amount forms part of the total monthly installment due on your TFG store account. 

> How will I know when the airtime/data is almost depleted?

You simply perform a balance enquiry by dialling the USSD *141# from your cellphone.

> What is USSD

USSD is a short code number normally consisting of a * and # (hashtag) which can be used to load airtime and other services to your airtime package.

> When do I do a SIM swap and how does it work?

A SIM swap is done when you lose your SIM card or if the SIM card you have is faulty. Should you require a SIM swap, you need to phone 0860 663 663.